Well, I Watched Harry Potter...

No plot spoilers. Just some basic info.

If you liked the book then you will hate the film as the film strips down all the unnecessary parts of the book and streamlines it into a very watchable experience (a nudge over 2 hours). The pace was perfect, the direction assured and the acting (apart from Daniel Radcliffe who I find annoyingly wooden as Harry) bringing depth to the characters.

Personally I hated the book (have not like any of them since book 3) and I thank god that the screenwriters are able to strip down the books in a way that Rowling's editors seem scared or unable too. The film is tense, and smaller children may be frightened by some scenes at the end but they are keeping in with the way that the film has been handled. It contains a genuine moment of emotional depth I would have found it hard to credit in this kind of film (bought a tear to my eye) but Mike Newell is not signed to do any of the other films as the next book has more emotional complexity to it.

If you are not a fan than I suggest seeing it as it may make you appreciate the essence of the books. If you are a fan of the books then leave your scepticism at the door and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Is There Nowhere Safe?

Australia reportedly foiled the final stages of a "major terrorist incident" reported the BBC today. It went on to say that a fanatical cleric who had been widely reported as describing Osama Bin Laden as "a great man" was the mastermind of two terrorist cells that were planning attacks in two parts of Australia. Anti-terrorist laws pushed through on thursday allowed the government to carry out the raids to arrest these people.

Pardon me but WTF happened to the world all of a sudden? I am sick to death of these people attacking democratic countries that for decades have supported, through loans and subsidies, the mainly third world toilet nations that these people (or their relatives) came from. Let's try and break this down into easily digestable chunks for the unenlightened:

You dislike our "decadent" society and culture (despite embracing the consumer goods we produce).

You start to commit terrorist attacks on us to bring about our downfall and punish us.

We retaliate using crippling force.

You get angry about this and do more terrorist attacks to punish us.

We respond with even more force, trade sanctions, etc.

You cry out that we have withdrawn your ability to buy Nike shoes and commit more terrorist attacks.

We impose harsher sanctions and even more force. Etc...

See? It doesn't work. I have said this before and I will say it again. If you don't like western society or western culture go somewhere else. Anywhere else. I don't like having my human rights oppressed or living on $1 a day so I do not live in rural China. I enjoy expressing my right to free speech so I do not live in Burma. I like seeing Sally in skmipy clothing so I do not live in Iran. I do not blow things/people up or incite racial/religious hatred. So stop it. Embrace democracy and express your dissatisfaction in a better fashion. Your like kids, but with explosives. Grow up.